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Five occupations you may never have considered before

Finding a career that suits your personality can be more difficult than finding your soul mate. Where you work and what you do can seriously affect your life but it is important to have a realistic career in mind. If you find yourself fresh out of university or if you simply feel you need a change, here are five interesting occupations:


1. Teach your native language online

Various platforms allow you to teach your language using Skype. All you have to do is register on your chosen platform, set your price per lesson and wait for a prospective student to contact you. The student will then pay via the platform and you, in turn, will be paid too. For compensation to be worthwhile, this will have to be your primary form of employment.


2. Become a sommelier

This is somewhat of a sophisticated one. Sommeliers base their careers on wine. They usually work at up market restaurants and are in charge of the restaurant’s wine collection. If clients have any questions about wine or if they need recommendations, they would typically ask for the sommelier. The sommelier will also be able to pick a bottle of wine to perfectly complement a patron’s meal. They can also open their own wine-tasting venue.


3. Be a project manager

This is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Project management is a challenging yet very rewarding career choice. Project managers are typically in charge of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing a team’s work so that specific goals are reached and success criteria is adhered to. There are many accredited project management courses available to help you become a project manager. There are also different approaches to the discipline such as an agile approach or you could enrol forPRINCE2® training.


4. Get involved in hospitality

The hospitality industry is booming since the rise of tourism across the globe. From working as a bartender to being an art connoisseur on a cruise ship: the hospitality industry is filled with interesting people. Many people are very happy to make a career out of being a waitr on or amaître d’ at a good restaurant.


5. Practice ethical hacking

Today’s youth have extensive knowledge about coding and hacking –so much so that experts are urging older people to learn how to code as it will become the second type of writing. If you are skilled when it comes to IT but you don’t have a degree, you can prove yourself by becoming an ethical hacker. Ethical hackers find weaknesses in major websites of major corporations in order that the websites’ security is improved.

Avail short term signage for your business

There are many times that this may be necessary, including for use on vehicles, but also if there is work going on, in or around your office and you need to redirect people or inform them what is happening. As per the experts from the responsible signage maker in Singapore, the magnetic temporary signage can be used for a number of different reasons and they come in many sizes for use as temporary identifiers or for promoting products. They can then be attached to any type of magnetic material, allowing you quick but temporary adhesion.  This method is well used by responsible corporate gifts supplier in Singapore for their road show campaigns. The response for this advertisement looks overwhelming and also this method seems to be cost effective for the business owners. Temporary signs come into their own if you are carrying out any type of renovation or construction which could hide an entrance or exit. Attaching a sign with this new information onto a metal door is quick and easy and much cheaper than paying out for a more permanent sign. They can help to point people in the direction of where you will be working from at that point so you are still easy to find. If you are taking over new premises somewhere then temporary signage is a great way to tell people that you will be moving into the office shortly. This means that you can start advertising before you have even moved.


Advertising on vehicles


One of the most popular uses for temporary signage such as magnetic signs is on a vehicle. This is effectively implements by responsible decal company in Singapore and found to be great success.

They allow you to promote your business name, logo and contact details for all too easily view on the side of your car or van. This is a great way to help advertise your business whilst you are out and about and can work out incredibly cost effective. By using this type of temporary signage it means that you do not need to use more costly paint or vinyl lettering on your vehicle and can choose to remove it as and when you wish. If you happen to have several staff that uses their own vehicles to travel to clients or make deliveries then this is the ideal way for them to help advertise the business. They can simply attach them when they are working and remove them when they are finished. You could also have just a few of this type of temporary signage made and then staff can share them depending on who is working that day.

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